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Without Him?

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

January 3rd, 2020

As we start a new year, my mind goes back to Genesis, and to these words as written by Moses....

“In the beginning God Created the Heaven and the earth…” (Gen 1:1 - KJV)

The book of Genesis is the book of “beginnings,” which should come as no surprise since the word “Genesis” is a Greek word meaning “birth, or origin.” This great book as written by Moses (cf. John 1:17; 5:46; 7:19, 23) provides man with the origin of his existence, the existence of the universe, the world, marriage, family, worship, sin, death, sacrifice, and faith!

In this first verse Moses begins where all of us must begin, we must begin with “God”…In the beginning God – God, who is unformed, unmade, uncreated, and the first cause of all things must be the focus of each and every one of our lives! You see dear reader, man simply cannot make it without God; he just cannot make it despite his best efforts otherwise. He will fall out to drugs, alcohol, greed, or some stripe of immorality, or other vice.

Now, in saying that man cannot make it without God I feel I should be more defined concerning the word “God.” It speaks of the triune nature of the Godhead as the word “God” is used in the plural form. In Genesis 1:2 we see the Holy Spirit moving, and in John 1:1-3 we read, “In the beginning was the Word (Jesus Christ), and the Word was with God (God the Father), and the Word was God…all things were made by Him; and “without Him” was not anything made that was made.”

In 1962 at the age of just 17 years old Mylon LeFevre wrote a song that would become one of the most sung Gospel songs of all time. It was entitled “Without Him” - Mylon would experience almost instant fame especially a little later when Elvis Presley would choose the song to be on his record “How Great Thou Art.” Mylon would travel and sing with some of the most popular groups at the time including the famous “Stamps Quartet.” As he got older he began to drift from Gospel music.

He would begin to involve himself more and more in Rock Music, and record and perform with performers such as: George Harrison (of the beatles), Alvin Lee, Mick Fleetwood (from Fleetwood Mac), Ron Wood (from the Rolling Stones), Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Little Richard, ZZ Top, and others. Mylon had also become very much a part of the drug scene, and while touring in south France overdosed. After receiving medical attention, Mylon woke up 28 hours later. Because of the length of time that Mylon had not been breathing he suffered some brain damage. He suffered from memory loss and couldn't even remember the lyrics to some of the songs he had written. In Mylon's words "suddenly it was all over, I had wrecked my hopes and drugged away my dreams."

Mylon had sense enough to realize that he had made some mistakes and started reading a Gideon Bible that he had picked up in his travels. It would be through this event, and the testimony of his own fathers life that Mylon LeFevre would make his way back home to God. He would pray sometime Later- "Lord, if you can take my daddy, who has been such a jerk to me, and change him like that, I don't want to wait until I'm old and dying. I want you to change my life now…I want you to really be God."

When you read the lyrics to the song “Without Him” that brought fame to the young Mylon LeFevre it turned out to be a song about his life, and not only his life, but any life that attempts to live without God. I want to leave you with the words of this great song, and encourage you that today is the beginning of a New Year, and that no matter where you are right now, or where you will be in this coming year, you do not have to be “without Him” - if your Faith and trust is placed in God and His Redemption Plan.

God’s Love & Best to you!

In Christ –


Lyrics to the song:

Without Him I could do nothing.

Without Him I'd surely fail;

Without Him, I would be drifting.

Like a ship without a sail.

Jesus, Oh Jesus, do you know him today?

You can't turn him away, oh Jesus, oh Jesus.

Without him, How lost I would be.

Without Him I would be dying.

Without Him I'd be enslaved;

Without Him life would be hopeless.

But with Jesus, thank God, I'm saved.

Jesus, Oh Jesus, do you know him today?

You can't turn him away, oh Jesus, oh Jesus.

Without him, How lost I would be

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