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Jacobs Ladder

January 31st, 2020

“And he (Jacob) lighted upon a certain place (Bethel)…and he took of the Stones of the place, and put them for his pillows, and laid down in that place to sleep…And behold a ladder set up on the earth and the top reached to Heaven with the Angels of God Ascending and descending on it” (Gen. 28:11-12 – KJV)

A lonely wanderer hated by his Brother, and obliged to flee from his home in order to save his life now learns the very first night of his exile that he is the object of heaven’s love and care, and that the Angels of God were busy employed passing and re-passing from Heaven to Earth ministering to Him. Jacob learned that heaven and earth were united, and united in his interest and for his temporal and eternal welfare…the “Ladder” united him to Jehovah the God of his Grandfather, and the God of his Father! Jacob merited nothing and yet God promised him everything! This is the same for all those who are Children of Abraham, we have merited nothing and yet God has promised everything!!

Cut off from his family, and running from a murderous brother, he arrives to a place, which he knew nothing of, and it is here that God will begin to reveal himself to the patriarch! The Sun was setting on stage one of his life, and little did he know that stage # 2 was about to begin! I believe that is the case with so many of you…your many sins and failures are behind, and the sun is rising (not setting) meaning that your greatest work for God is just ahead!

The scripture says that Jacob “laid down in that place to sleep.” The “sleep” represents Jacob ceasing from his personal activity, and God beginning his activity. As Jacob of old, so we have to be brought to a place in our lives where our own resources are dried up, and now depend totally upon God…The “sleep” represents this dependence! Willingly we seldom come to this place, but spiritually the Holy Spirit must bring us to this place!

The revelation (Dream) of God will now begin, but only as Jacob places his head upon the Rock!!

It was this very passage that Jesus referred to when He told Nathaniel –

“Verily, verily, I say unto you hereafter, you shall see heaven open, and the Angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man” (John. 1:51– KJV)

The “ladder” that Jacob saw represents “Jesus Christ through the Cross,” which is the only way to Heaven!

The “Angels of God Ascending and Descending” proclaims all of the resources of Heaven, which are now at the disposal of Jacob and us as well as long as we look to Jesus Christ, and His finished work!

If your faith is in the Cross well then, it is not just Jacob’s ladder, but it's Clint’s ladder, its Jonathan's Ladder, it’s Pattie's ladder, it’s Kathy's ladder, it’s Darnell's ladder, it’s Jimmy's ladder and so on and so forth infinitem!! This great dream that Jacob had has now been made manifest to us through the person of Jesus Christ!

God’s Luv & Best to you! In Christ – Clint

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