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Go with the Cloud

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

“And when the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle, the children of Israel went onward in all their journeys”

(Exodus 40:36 – KJV)

As the Children of Israel Journeyed in the wilderness they were led by the cloud; if the cloud did not move, then they did not move. It was not even Moses who decided this of which I mention, but it was all decided by the moving of the cloud! This is a perfect picture of just how important it is for the believer to be led by the Spirit of which the cloud was a type.

It is easy for each and every one of us to settle into a place of comfort spiritually speaking, and refuse to move even though the cloud moved a long time ago. Christians by the thousands sit in churches that had once had the glory, even entire Denominations, but which sadly no longer do! The criteria for where one goes to church must be #1. Is the word of God faithfully preached from behind the pulpit? #2. Is there a moving and operation of the Holy Spirit in the church? #3. Is Evangelization taking place in some form or fashion of which the Holy Spirit has inspired? In other words, the people are being Equipped, Experiencing the working of God's Spirit, and working towards Evangelizing their community and the world? If the answer is “Yes” then the cloud is in that place, and if not he or she needs to search for such a place.

I think the great question is “are you following the cloud?” Remember the cloud and the crowd are two separate things…there might be a big crowd, but no cloud!

Some years ago my wife and I were looking for a good Spirit filled church to attend, and after seeing some advertisements on line for a particular church that was close by we decided to visit. I remember walking in the foyer that morning, and seeing different displays that were set up. The church was trying to form care groups, which seemed somewhat logical to me since the church had a good number of people. I walked up to the first display, and asked what type of ministry would be done in their group with the response coming rather quickly “I have a star wars ministry” – "really," I said “a star wars ministry?” “Yes,” the man responded “We are going to watch star wars movies in my group.” “Oh” I said as I moved on to the next display. I asked the person over the next display – “What is your ministry,” and the reply was “I have a gun ministry” “Oh, a gun ministry” I said, “so are you not going to do any type of Bible study in your group?” The man replied - “no, this group is for shooting guns and fellowship.” Again, I continued as my wife and I made our way past a few other displays, and on into the sanctuary to find a seat.

As the service began and moved forward something to me just didn’t seem right, it did not have the Word, and I did not sense any movement of the Spirit. All of a sudden the Pastor said, “is anyone hungry?” Of course my initial thought was he is talking about being hungry for God, right? He said it several more times, and people in the congregation began to cry out “yes,” “yes” and then the pastor said to his ushers in a loud voice “Bring it out!” On either side of the sanctuary were two huge doors, and out of both doors ushers burst forth with huge platters filled with Hamburgers (McDonalds if I remember correctly), and they started throwing hamburgers all around the sanctuary! I have to say it was one wild church service, and I do not mean that in a good way! No lives were touched or transformed, no one was born again, or filled with the precious Spirit!

You see friends just because there is a crowd, does not mean there is a Cloud! Go with the Cloud!

God’s Luv and Best!

In Christ

Pastor Clint

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